Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing Ashley...

I am so excited to introduce Ashley as the newest member of the Peacock Events team! I met Ashley several years ago through her then boyfriend Michael who I have known for years through his band Permanet Vacation. I then had the pleasure of helping the two love birds tie the knot in 2007! After their wedding, Ashley and I have kept up with each other and now she has come to work with me!

So I have asked Ashley to tell the world a few things we should know about her...

I was born and raised in the Low country. Clemson fans for life! I graduated from the College of Charleston in 2006 with a BS in Psychology, which I have already learned can come in handy in this industry! After three years of dating, I married my best friend, Michael Ruthsatz. I fell in love with him while watching him sing with his band at a local bar. His band also plays weddings! (Shameless Plug Here: My sister-in-law Christy, is also in the wedding industry! We make everything a family affair!
I wanted to come on board and be a part of Peacock Events after Emmy coordinated our wedding almost 3 years ago. She made every thing so personal and made my fairy tale come true. We suddenly knew we had chosen the best wedding planner in Charleston! (Sorry Christy!) I’m an Emily Post Etiquette Snob; often at the expense of jokes around the family dinner table; “How many etiquette books do you own?” I have a knack for small details; creating and noticing them. Why? Being thoughtful and adding small little things makes anyone feel extra special. My favorite color is pink! "Yes Mom, I know I’m a big girl now and that means everything I own cannot be pink," but I can and will sure try. Good thing my husband doesn’t mind much. We have two furry children; a 3 year old Chihuahua who is the Queen Bee of the household named Lillian Grace. Our other child is a rescued Border collie. I have a huge heart for strays and he just happened to be around our neighborhood one faithful Friday evening. We took him in on the screen porch overnight and he was ours forever but is more of a Daddy’s boy. We called him John Doe but finally JD just stuck.

So that is a little about me...I look forward to help make your event one to treasure as fondly as I did on my wedding day!

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Anonymous said...

Ashley is GREAT at the little details!! She will be fantastic!