Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Say Yes To Picking A Dress...

Today's post is all about wedding fashion! Every bridal magazine is filled with hundreds of ads displaying mouth watering designs for bridal dresses and while it can be exciting it can also be overwhelming! As if picking out "THE DRESS" for yourself isn't hard enough then you have to pick out a beautiful gown for your closest girl friends to wear and feel comfortable in! Lucky for all of us...there is help! Katherine Mullins McDonald, one of my favorite bridal designers, is actually a local gal and one of my previous brides! Her company LulaKate offers silk dupioni, shantung, chiffon and seersucker dresses in a plethora of colors and styles and their gowns are designed, made-to-order and sewn locally to make sure each dress is perfect! You can visit to see all of the beautiful options!
In my wallet, I carry a little card that say "Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman wearing it." The quote is by Yves Saint Laurent and my mother sent me this card when I got engaged and I just think it is a wonderful message to all Brides and women!!

These beautiful images are from Juliet of Juliet Elizabeth Photography - who I love!! If you are in need of a super fun and talented photographer or if you just want to find inspiration then do yourself a favor and check out her at

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