Monday, July 20, 2009

Duties of the Father of the Bride...

A recent father of the bride took me to the side and asked me a question…he said “I’ve never been the father of the bride before. Besides walking her down the aisle, what am I suppose to do?” He brings up a good point that if you have never been the father of the bride you most likely don’t know what is expected of you during the wedding process. So I have listed some items here that should be discussed with dad before the big day…

Budget – In the past, the father of the bride paid for all or a large portion of the wedding expenses. These days the contributors to the wedding budget are ever changing but you should at least have a conversation with your dad about the budget early into the engagement so everyone will be on the same page.

Attire – The father of the bride should dress to match or coordinate with the other gentlemen in the wedding party.

The Walk – The father of the bride should walk his daughter down the aisle and give her away.

Speech – The father of the bride should give the first speech. This speech is a welcome, a thank you and a please enjoy yourself all wrapped up in one. Usually the father of the bride welcomes the groom and his family into their family and then shares something sweet about the bride.

Dance – After the newlywed couple has their first dance, it is traditional that the father of the bride and the bride have a special dance.

Keep in mind that these are the traditionally duties and that you can do it anyway you like because it is your wedding day but these are at least some items to talk over with your dad.

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